Design Plan Guidelines

Your design plan is NOT an outline of your essay or other composition.  Instead, it is a document that helps you think through your choices as a composer, make rhetorical decisions, and articulate those decisions for an audience.  The audience of your design plan is your instructor who will read an offer feedback to help you in drafting your composition.

Your design plan should approximately one page and be written in paragraph form, single-spaced.

Describe your project: Write a short summary of your project.

Describe your rhetorical audience: Who they are? Describe the demographics of your audience that matter such as age, nationality, race, geographic location, dis/abilities, income level, education level, gender, and sexuality. Describe the psychographics of your audience that matter such as their values, beliefs, and positions, and background knowledge about your topic.

Describe your purpose: What, specifically, should your audience know, do, think, or understand after engaging your composition?  Why should knowing, doing, thinking about, or understanding matter to them? How will you connect with your audience to achieve your purpose? How will you know if you achieve your purpose?

Arrangement: How will you arrange the multimodal composition in a way that makes sense for your audience and your purpose? How might you arrange ideas and elements so that your composition is effective? Create an outline or sketch of your multimodal composition using the guidelines in Writer/Designer pp. 183–185 and include the outline/sketch as part of your design plan.