Metacognitive Reflections

Please address the following in your metacognitive reflections.

Introduction & Rhetorical Context:  Introduce yourselves and your essay or project by title. Give a brief summary then discuss the following:

  • Your specific audience and their background knowledge, interest in, and positioning toward your topic
  • Your purpose– very specifically, what do you want you readers to know, do, see, think, or believe after reading your essay
  • Both the immediate and abstract context of your draft

Production Strategies:  Discuss your choice of the following rhetorical strategies:

  • Arrangement Pattern(s)– Name describe and discuss why you arranged the composition in the way you did. Discuss both textual and visual choices. How did you use the CRAP design principles?
  • Conventions of medium/ genre–What form did your composition take? Why? What conventions (agreed-upon expectations) did you make sure? How did you address them?
  • rhetorical appeals– How did you build a strong argument?  What evidence did you use?  How did you build ethos as a writer? What choices did you make about pathos and emotional appeals?

For Group Projects:  Each group member to should take a half minute or so to describe their biggest contribution to this draft.  Make sure to state your name.

Revisions:  Discuss the feedback you’ve gotten on this draft and identify your reviewers. Be specific! Who gave what feedback?  What revisions have you’ve made so far?  Why? What else would you do given the time?

Leveling Up:  As a group, which of the many scaffolding assignments has been most useful to you or your group during this make cycle. Why? How has that assignment helped you to produce this final draft?

Habits of Mind: As a group, Identify one or more Habits of Mind that you practiced during this project. Discuss briefly how you practiced it.



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