Badge Submission

Set up your Badge Activities in Google Folders as follows: Google Drive Screenshot

  • You should have a Google Drive Folder titled Your Badge Pathway (Example “SciCom Badge” or “Social Justice Badge” that contains three (3) subfolders called Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
  • Put each separate activity in a separate document. Note: Summary/responses are one (1) activity.
  • Make sure each file is named with a description of the activity (i.e. “TED Talk Summary of Clarke” or “Freewrite on Social Justice.”
  • The permissions on all folders should be set so that ANYONE (not just anyone in the University of Rhode Island) with the link can view.
  • The permission of all documents should be set so that anyone can comment.
  • Make sure your name and the names of any collaborators are listed on all documents. Note: If you would like to protect your anonymity on the web, please use a pseudonym in your Google Documents. Email me with your chosen pseudonym and use the same pseudonym for Credly.

Set up a Credly accountCredly Accoun

  • Make an individual account on with either your URI email address or a personal address. Again, you welcome to choose a pseudonym to protect your anonymity on the web.
  • Save your username and password in a safe location.
  • Click the link in your email to activate that account. <– Don’t skip this step!
  • Input the correct claim code for your badge. The claim code is available in the badging pathway. Make sure to use the correct instructor.
  • Go back to your main Badge Pathway folder (not the subfolders) and copy the weblink. (Go to “share” and “get sharable link”).
  • Under “attach evidence,” click on the link button and paste a link to your main badging pathways folder (not the subfolder) so that you are submitting all folders and documents as evidence for claiming the badge.
  • Click on “claim this credit.”
  • Note: Social Justice badgers have 48 hours after their teach-in to submit their materials for the applications. Students on the B pathway have until October 26 at noon to submit their first badge.

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