Badging Pathway Proposal

Good writers plan their projects and manage their time. This includes allowing enough time for the entire writing process, including allowing for feedback from others and polishing major projects. Since you are allowed to choose your own writing adventure in this course, it is essential that you plan and prepare for your trip. Thus, you will compose a Badging Proposal.

In your new badge folder, open a new Google Document. Set the permissions to “anyone with link” and “can comment.” Use the subject headers in bold in your document and write a brief paragraph for each section. You badging pathway proposal should be three-fourths to one-page, single-spaced.

Pathway with arrows

Course Grade State the grade you intend to earn in this course and the number of badges you intend to complete.

  • To earn an A in the course, you must earn two (2) project badges, the peer review badge, the learning reflection badge, and the leadership badge.
  • To earn a B in the course, you must earn two (2) project badges, the peer review badge, and the learning reflection badge.
  • To earn a C in the course, you must earn one (1) research-intensive project badge, the peer review badge, and the learning reflection badge
  • To earn a D in this course, you must earn one (1) research-intensive project badge and the learning reflection Badge

Description and Rationale State the project badge you will work on now. Why did you choose it? What do you hope to learn? What new writing skills or experiences are you looking forward to? What do you think will be most challenging about this badge?

Partnerships State whether you will work on this badge individually or with partners. Do you have partners in mind or would you like your instructor to play badge match-maker? You may work with up to three other students contingent on instructor approval. Each collaborator must keep a copy all badge work in their personal Google Drive.

Necessary Materials List all the materials (hardware, software, books, supplies, transportation, etc.) that you will need to complete this badge. Remember it is your responsibility to buy, borrow, or arrange for these materials and bring them to class each day to complete your work. If you are unprepared for class and cannot work on your badging pathway, you’ll be counted absent for the day.

Badge Timeline Reference the course schedule and write out your due dates for each level.

Question, Comments, or Concerns What questions, comments, and concerns do you have about this badge?

NOTE: It is your responsibility to read all links, to notify your instructor immediately if a link is broken, to ask questions if you don’t understand an activity, to come prepared to do your individual or group work in class each day, to get feedback on your work as you progress through levels, and to meet all deadlines.