Paragraph Development

Paragraphs are organizational structures that guide a reader through your text. While you may have heard that a paragraph is a collection of 5-7 (or some other random number of sentences), paragraphs can actually be any size. For example, paragraphs in print novels can be a half-page or more, but paragraphs in newspaper articles or online articles, are typically much shorter, sometimes only 2-3 sentences.

What makes a paragraph, then, is not the size, but focus and development of an idea. Writing paragraphs helps us to both organize and to expand on our ideas. To help you develop a paragraph that elaborates on a topic or idea, try the sandwich method described below. Like all templates, the sandwich method is meant to help you practice paragraph development, but you should always consider your audience, your purpose, and your genre and means of delivery to decide if you paragraphs are effective in any composition.

Karen Collins: Anatomy of a Paragraph Sandwich

UNC Writing Center: Paragraphs

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