Peer Review

Peer Review Badge Two People Talking
West-Puckett Claim Code: 50D-83F6-9C8 • Shepley Claim Code: 071-BB61-9A9 • Kim Claim Code: 0A6-529F-947

To earn this badge, you must submit two peer reviews that you have completed by responding to your classmates’ writing.

The writing conference is a time for focused, productive dialogue between writers and readers. This dialogue is important as writers work to revise their writing.  Revision is a messy and complicated process, and the writing conference can provide a space for writers to receive meaningful feedback, support, and encouragement. Remember that being overly nice is not necessarily helpful for the writer. Also remember that the writer needs detailed, actionable feedback in order to improve.

For example, “I really like your work!” does not provide the detail necessary for the writer to understand your positive response. Instead, you might offer, “If your audience is young people, you are using language that is totally relatable to your audience. For example, the phrase, ‘swiping left on climate change’ really caught my attention.”

Over the course of this semester, you will engage in substantial, focused peer review on a variety of your classmates’ compositions. Each peer review session must be documented and must follow the format of the peer review guidelines. This means you will either write a detailed peer review report (link) of each writing conference or you will  audio or video record each conference. To earn the peer review badge, you must upload documentation for 2 thorough peer reviews which respond to the writers’ questions and concerns and provide detailed, actionable feedback that the writer can use to revise.


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