FYW Student Leadership Badge

Student Leadership BadgeThis badge is awarded by the FYW instructor to recognize leadership in the writing classroom.

Studentship is a prerequisite for leadership. In order to become a leader, you must first be a good student. Studentship involves the following activities:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude and creating a positive atmosphere even when challenged. Examples include:
    • Talking with your instructor if you have a question or concern
    • Being open to peer and instructor feedback
    • Using respectful language and gestures
  • Preparing for and working to your potential everyday for the entirety of each class. Examples include:
    • Working exclusively on 104 projects
    • Not packing up early
    • Showing your instructor you’ve purchased the textbooks and brining them to class everyday
    • Bringing all other necessary materials and supplies (earbuds, laptop, homework, etc.) to accomplish your work
  • Demonstrating an innovative approach to writing by experimenting with format, media, audiences, purposes, topics
  • Practicing responsible and ethical research practices.
    • Interview Etiquette
    • Attribution and Citation
  • Participating fully in teach-ins, mini-lessons, peer and instructor conferences, etc., by listening, sharing, questioning, and responding
  • Meeting deadlines and/or asking for extensions in advance when necessary
  • Responding helpfully to others’ forum posts; encouraging and sustaining robust online conversations (Hybrid 104 classes ONLY)

Leadership goes beyond tending to your own affairs and includes helping others to live up to their potential as students, thinkers, writers, and active participants in our writing community. Student leaders will demonstrate most of the following behaviors:

  • Mentoring classmates with technology, concepts, badging pathways, planning, drafting, and revising
  • Making others feel welcome in the class by acknowledging their contributions, amplifying their voices, and asking their opinions
  • Seeking out partnerships or teams and collaborating with others by encouraging, organizing, communicating, and solving problems with writing partners or teams
  • Being acknowledged by others as an excellent peer reviewer who substantially contributes to their writing projects
  • Regularly seeking a diversity of opinions, ideas, and solutions to writing and collaboration challenges
  • Attending writing consultations at the URI Writing Center
  • Sharing your work publicly in class during author’s spotlight
  • Engaging in public writing that goes beyond the classroom to have impact in your local or global community by participating in readings, sharing your work for consideration in Rhody Writes or the FYW digital archive, sharing on social media sites, submitting for publication, etc.
  • Participating in a writing-focused event. Look for updates as the semester progresses!

To qualify for this badge, you must keep accurate, complete records of your Leadership Activities throughout the semester. To help you do this, use this leadership log.


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