Badge #1 Submission

In Class:

Demonstration of Badge Submission

Rhody Writes permission forms

Proposals/Mini-conferences/Agenda Setting


Continue working on Badge #1 and/or complete Level 1 of your second badge


Social Justice Teach-Ins

In Class:

  • Racial Bias and Police Brutality
  • Gun Violence in Schools


A/B Pathway students, complete Badge Pathway Proposal #2 in Google Docs. Set permissions correctly and email or chat link to instructor.

Prepare to submit all work for Badging Pathway #1 in class on Thursday.


Working with Sources

In Class:

  • Summary Review and Revision
  • Quoting, Paraphrasing To Avoid Plagiarism
    • Zombie Paraphrase Source 1
      • Title: Walkers
      • Author: Tim Brandt
      • Author’s Credentials: Folklorist at University of Eaton
      • Publication Date: 2006
      • Publisher: Norton
      • Place of Publication: New York
      • Page: 117
    • Zombie Paraphrase Source 2
      • Title: Walking Dread
      • Author: Cheryl Frost
      • Author’s Credentials: Media Theorist at Salisbury College
      • Publication Date: 2010
      • Publisher: MacMillian
      • Place of Publication: London
      • Page: 200-201
    • Zombie Paraphrase Source 3
      • Title: Undead Visions
      • Author: Tabitha Dread
      • Author’s Credentials: Paranormal Investigator, Ghost Online Univeristy
      • Publication Date: 2015
      • Publisher: Scott Francis
      • Place of Publication: Chicago
      • Page: 145
  • Checklists for Quoting and Paraphrasing


You should be finishing up Level II and ready to have Level III plans, drafts, proposals, etc. for Thursday’s class. Thursday, May 31 is the last in-class opportunity to get instructor and feedback.

Welcome and…Go!

Writing Workshop (40m)

Goal: Submit badge pathway proposal by the end of class. Get started on level 1 activities.

Note: Class on Thursday, May 24 will meet in the library. Make sure you are in the main lobby area by 9:00am. Librarian Jim Kinnie will escort you to the lab where you’ll learn about using URI’s library, evaluating sources, and have time to find sources for your projects and get help along the way.

Homework for Thursday:

Complete Level I activities for your badge. If your badging pathway requires you to get feedback from your instructor in Level I, contact me via Google Hangouts Chat ( to discuss topics or ideas or to send links to Gdocs.

Look ahead to the library research that is required in your badge. Know what you’ll need to find and use your time in the library on Thursday wisely to make solid progress on your research.

Homework for Tuesday:

Complete Level II activities for your badge.If your badging pathway requires you to get feedback from your instructor in Level II, contact me via Google Hangouts Chat ( to discuss topics or ideas or to send links to Gdocs.

Getting Comfortable, Getting Started

Crowdsourcing Syllabus & Course (30 minutes)

Reference your homework response to the course/course syllabus. You have 3 different colored pieces of paper. On one piece, write one thing that you are excited about. On another piece, write one thing you are anxious or concerned about. On the final piece, write one question you have about the course or the syllabus.

In groups of three or four, discuss your responses and questions. Do your best to find answers or resources that address your group’s questions. As a group, decide on the most important, popular, or “out-there” response/question for each of the three categories that you’ll share with the whole class. Share your questions and test the accuracy of your responses with your instructor.

Mountain scene with caption

In Class and Homework:

Complete your first badging pathway proposal. Review the spring semester overview to help you figure out due dates/deadlines. Make sure to complete each section of the proposal thoroughly. Bring a printed copy of your proposal to class on Tuesday.

About Tuesday…West-Puckett and Shepley’s classes will meet in Carothers Library for our regularly scheduled course meeting. Please report a few minutes before the class meeting time to the soft seating area in the library lobby (across from the main stairs) before traveling as a group to Room 142. This library visit is intended to help you navigate the library’s resources and understand how to find, evaluate, and use sources effectively for the research-intensive project badges.